Queer North

Northern Centre for Contemporary Art

Queer North is a community-based art project which explores the connection between place & sexual and gender identity. Through a series of art workshops the project aims to involve diverse participants from Darwin and the Northern Territory’s queer communities, targeting those who are most marginalised.

The project seeks to give voice and expression to an act and statement of queer north identity by offering workshop participants exposure to screen printing and graphic design techniques as well as to a queer art history of the NT. Participants will produce (or co-produce) screen/photographic prints for gallery and street exhibition & T-shirts.




A QTPoC (Queer and Trans People of Colour) focused web series that will shift perceptions and raise awareness about ongoing racism within LGBTIQ communities. Stemming from Switchboard’s ‘Everybody Under the Rainbow’ initiative which was an internal review of the organisation’s practices in relation to race, QTPOC will tackle tackle islamophobia, racism and exclusion within the LGBTQ community.

QTPOC takes a bold but generous approach for, as Audre Lorde said “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences”. 

A Clever Label (ACL) 

Documentary Australia Foundation

A Clever Label (or ACL) is an interactive, immersive documentary experience exposing the influence of the Australian Christian Lobby on our democracy and its impacts on LGBTQI people.

Follow Michela Ledwidge as she leads the audience to make their own discoveries and connect the dots. Using interactive virtual reality technology, Michela shares her personal story as a queer transwoman as a starting point to spotlight public but often hidden data.