Q: The Haring grant requires applicants to have dgr1 - can i apply under the auspices of another organisation that has this status if i do not?

A: Yes, we will accept applications via auspice arrangement. A signed Auspice Agreement or similar document should be attached to the expression of interest form where this is the case, and the expression of interest must be submitted from the organisation that has DGR1 status. Alternatively, you do not need DGR1 status to be eligible for the Hampton grant.

Q. What iF the organisation that auspices me has a turnover greater than $1 million? Does that render me ineligible even if I don't have a turnover of this size?

A: No, as long as the project/organisation that the auspice organisation will direct the funds to does not have a turnover greater than $1 million it is eligible.

Q: my organisation / project isn't specifically involved in the arts or media, is it worth applying?

A: Brave Representations can mean many different things, that is why we say 'the arts, media and beyond.' Organisations, groups or individuals can apply no matter what their field, provided they meet the eligibility criteria and can demonstrate that they will use the funds to push public perception and awareness in a positive direction through just and genuine portrayals of identity and experience, whatever the platform.

Q: Can i submit more than one expression of interest?

A: You can submit one expression of interest for each of the grants, as long as they are for different initiatives. For instance, if you wish to apply for the Hampton grant as an individual for a solo project, and apply for the Haring grant for a different project being undertaken by a not for profit you work/volunteer for. You can not submit multiple expressions of interest for the same grant or project.

Q: individuals can apply for The hampton grant, but you are not open to funding 'projects that benefit an individual'. How does this work?

A: Applicants must demonstrate how they will use the funds to benefit others, not just themselves. The fund can go to an individual, but must be used for broader community benefit.

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