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GENERAL Guidelines

We will look favorably upon projects that:

  • are willing to take a risk / agitate for change / get way outside the comfort zone!

  • are community-led;

  • take an intersectional approach;

  • focus on areas that are particularly under-funded and/or have low awareness;

  • have marginalised LGBTIQ+ communities at their centre, eg. refugees and asylum seekers, people of colour, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability, trans and gender diverse people etc.

  • tell your story, or the story of people from a community with which you identify.


  • All projects must be fully conducted within Australia and be for the benefit of Australian LGBTIQ+ communities


  • General project costs

  • Core operational costs

  • Capital costs

  • Salaries and wages

  • Professional development

We ARE not open to funding:

  • Projects that benefit an individual

  • Debt reduction or operational deficits